The Western Front

Nazi Weather Station in Newfoundland.

In 1943 a crew from a German U Boat sucessfuly set up an automatic weather station at Martin Bay at the northern tip of Labrador.

It remained unknown until 1980 when  the official historian of the Canadian armed forces, W.A.B. Douglas and the Canadian Coast Guards were able to go and look and actually found the remains of the weather station. Some parts were missing, but the canisters, tripod and mast, and some dry-cell batteries was left to identify

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British Gas Attacks

With the fall of France in 1940, the British Army had left most of its heavy weapons on the roads and beaches around Dunkirk. Britain was virtually defenceless. With this in mind the Chief of the Imperial General Staff, Sir John Dill, put forward the proposal that German troops landing on British beaches could be attacked from the air with mustard gas. By October 1940, there were 2,000 tons of this gas held pending events that might lead to a political and military decision to use it.

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The One that Got Away.

Franz von Werra was a German Luftwaffe pilot captured by the British in 1940 who was the only German to succeed in escaping back to Germany.

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Operation Foxley - The Plot to Assasinate Hitler

British Special Operations Executive planned to assassinate Hitler on his morning routine as he walked unprotected to a tea house near to his headquarters at the Berchtesgarten in Bavaria.. The plan was to parachute two personnel into the area surrounding the compound. The two personnel would be a German speaking person and a sniper. Once dropped in the area the men would infiltrate the compound and get in place to shoot Hitler

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