Invasion 1940.

What stopped Hitler in 1940 - why did he not attempt to invade Britain? And if he had, would he have been successful? Most of us would answer that 'The Few' of Fighter Command saved Britain from certain invasion, because every historian of World War Two, from Winston Churchill onwards, has said so. Nevertheless, in this fresh look at events Derek Robinson asks some basic, commonsense questions with surprising results. Robinson succeeds in presenting the facts in a way that will certainly make us question our easy acceptance of the old story.


Invasion: Operation Sea Lion, 1940

This alternative history is  based on historical facts. The fictional story then supposes that the Germans halted their advance in France along the Seine and the Aisne after the fall of Paris and that Marshal Petain conceded an armistice at that point. The Panzer divisions are thus able to rest and re-equip in northern France…
A brilliant blend of meticulous research and imagination, this book is bound to appeal to anyone with an interest in the causes and effects of historical events, and indeed to anyone interested in world war history itself.


Where the Eagle Landed.

One of the most remarkable and persistent legends of World War Two, the story of German forces landing on the coast of Suffolk in September 1940 has inspired numerous works of fiction. But the conviction that the invasion plan, code-named 'Operation Sea lion,' was more than just a rumour has never been fully investigated, until now. Using recently declassified documents, information from local and national newspapers and magazines, and eyewitness accounts, Haining's book is lucid and gripping. It reveals East Anglia's historic vulnerability to invasion, the region's logistical importance as a testing ground for weapons of mass destruction, the true identity of 'the burnt drowned corpses,' and the bizarre defensive weaponry of The Wizard War.' 'Where The Eagle Landed' provides the solution to an enduring mystery and sheds light on a fraught period of Britain's wartime history.


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