Pillboxes - Images of An Unfought Battle - Click here

Pillboxes - Images of An Unfought Battle


The Battle Of Britain.

Great cast and great aerial sequences. Captures all the essentials of the most decisive battle for western democracy. Highly recommended despite being  slightly ruined by the Susannah York “love interest”

It Happened Here.

Excellent, rarely seen film telling the story of what might have happened had the Nazis invaded Britain. Also highly recommended.


Remembering the Home Guard.

Narrated by Ian Lavender.This DVD pays tribute to these men through archive recordings, clips from 'Dad's Army', still images, feature film footage and personal reminiscences



The Eagle Has Landed.

Excellent movie based on the Jack Higgins novel about an attempt to kidnap Churchill from England by an elite unit of German paratroops.



Went The Day Well.

Based on Graham Greene's original story, this 1942 film tells the story of British engineers arriving in the little village of Bramley End, only later to be revealed as a German signals unit preparing for invasion. Probably the inspiration for 'The Eagle Has Landed', though a much more interesting and exciting story. And inevitably it records many aspects of wartime life.

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