Pillboxes - Images of An Unfought Battle - Click here

Pillboxes - Images of An Unfought Battle


January 2007

Restored Somerset Pillbox Camouflage

Gloucestershire Defences.

Cambridgeshire Fenland Anti-tank Defences

Teeside Defences

Thanks to David Tacchi, Stephen White, Martin Tingey and Chris Twigg.


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February 2007

“Beehive” pillboxes in Northumberland.

Recently revealed Barbed Wire remnants on the Northumberland Coast.

New Section on Earthworks.

Thanks to Colin Anderson, Bob Feaviour, Jim Apps, The Turner Family


April 2007

Northern Ireland Defences

Suffolk Defences

New Shropshire Section.

Thanks to Aubrey Dale, Jason Latter and John Eley


May 2007

Northern Ireland Defences

Merseyside Defences

6 Pounder and 17 Pounder Tests on a “shell proof” pillbox.

Thanks to Aubrey Dale, Brian Sayle and Richard Pope and Neville Gun from 4th Wilts.


June 2007

The Ideal History Lesson

North East Coast Gun.

Thanks to Lucy Butterworth and David Fyfe


July 2007

New Warwickshire Section.

East Lothian Additions

New Mystery Structure to Identify.

Thanks to Steve Carvell, Tam Rankin and Paul Bowen.

Recommended Web site of the Month.

North Manchester Battlefield Society. Loads of great photos of visits to the European battlefields of both World Wars.

August 2007

Cumbrian Additions.

Moray Additions.

Gloucester Additions.

Dorset Additions.

Thanks to Derek B, Stewart Argo and Stephen White.


Recommended Web site of the Month.

Second World War Defences in Merseyside and Lancashire. A brand new site from Derek B featuring an excellent interactive map showing defence locations.

September 2007

Aberdeenshire Additions.

Defences for the UK’s only armoured train.

Gwynedd Additions.

The “Lost Lozenge”.

Thanks to Stewart Argo, Stephen White, Adam Hill and Derek Baxter.


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