December 2005.

Rochdale and Bolton Defences

London Stop Line: Outer defences

Many thanks to Mark and Tim Crossley for the Lancashire photos and Paul Ireland for the Watford photos.

Recommendations for your Christmas List.

November 2005.

Stirlingshire Defences.

XDO Post added to Coastal Defences section

Many thanks for Gordon Wilkie  and Spencer Ratcliffe for the photos.


November Book of the Month - Invasion Landscapes 1940.

The results of a two-year project to examine the 1940/41 anti-invasion landscapes of England. Combining extensive documentary research with fieldwork, sixty-seven defence areas were examined in detail, establishing the strategy and coherence of the original defence and analysing this in relation to the surviving structures.


Invasion Landscapes 1940 - click here for more info.

October 2005.

New Pictures of the Fife Command Line.

Overseas Pillbox section added.

Preserved type 26 variant at the Staffordshire Regiment Museum

Many thanks for Gordon Wilkie and Dave Pemberton for the photos.


October Book of the Month - Invasion 1940.

The Battle of Britain could not stop Operation Sealion, the planned German invasion. The historians got it wrong. This is a big claim to make, but Derek Robinsonís new book follows it up with some reasoned argument.


September 2005

New Scotland Picture Section added.

Special thanks to David Alcock and Gordon Wilkie for the photos.

September Book Of the Month - The Chianti Raiders.

Fascinating new book on the little known exploits of the Italian Air Force during the Battle of Britain.

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