Shell Canister

Shell Canister

Aa shell canister found on the site Lt Wallace's Victoria Cross action at Gonnelieu, near Cambrai on 30th Nov 1917. It has been identified asa British 18 pdr shrapnel canister. Just the sort of thing fired at close range when a gun position was threatened.

Wallace's citation reads "His citation reads “On 30 November 1917 at Gonnelieu, France, when the personnel of Lieutenant Wallace's battery were reduced to five, having lost their commander and five sergeants, and were surrounded by enemy infantry, he maintained the firing of the guns by swinging the trails close together, the men running and loading from gun to gun. He was in action for eight hours firing the whole time and inflicting severe casualties on the enemy. Then, owing to the exhausted state of his men, he withdrew when the infantry supports arrived, taking with him all essential gun parts and all wounded.”

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