The Battle of Cambrai - Images of a Forgotten Battlefield

The battlefields of Cambrai are amongst the least visited of the Western Front battlefields of World War 1. This is even more surprising when you realise how ground breaking the 1917 battle was. The Allies used what was then a revolutionary method of attack utilising massed tanks and aircraft. This method was subsequently intensively studied by the Germans and evolved into the blitzkrieg methods of the German Army in World War Two.

I returned to the battlefield in November 2006, exactly 89 years after the 1917 battle. I welcome contributions from others who have visited the battlefield and intend that this site is a collaborative effort to preserve the memory of those who died on both sides 90 years ago.

Ian Sanders November 2007             

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Cambrai 1917

In this book Bryn Hammond argues that such was the potency of the tank myth that after the war it seduced generals and historians on both sides, until the myth was finally brought to reality in the mobile battles that engulfed Europe just thirty years later. In this new look at Cambrai the author tells the story of what exactly happened at the end of 1917, and how the myths that were created in those tragic two weeks were to change the face of warfare forever. Click on the link on the right for more info.

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