Berlin: The Downfall, 1945

The advance on Berlin  was to be the largest battle in history. It began at exactly 4am on 16 April, 1945. Along the Oder Neisse front, two and a half million Soviet troops attacked one million Germans. The panic this induced in the German civilian population is easy to imagine. Hitler had sworn that Germany would never be invaded, yet now overwhelming Soviet armies were advancing on Berlin. Hitler, ensconced deep in his concrete bunker, could only scream at his military staff, denouncing the cowardice of the Wehrmacht. He had become convinced that Germany's defeat proved that its people were not worthy of him - that they deserved to die. With many a score to settle from the German invasion of Russia in 1941, the battle was one of the most terrifying examples of fire and sword recorded, with mass rape, murder, pillage and destruction. Men, women and children suffered to the end from folly, cruelty and the naked exercise of power on a massive scale.

Probably the best book of recent times on the Battle for Berlin.


Berlin 1945

First-hand accounts and unique documents describe the fighting that took place in Berlin, and 350 photographs illustrate the forces on both sides and the destruction of the city.

In French but some great then and now comparison photos..


Berlin - Dance of Death.

This is a most vivid account of destruction and hopelessness. It is a 17-year-old German conscript's experiences in the defence of Berlin during the spring of 1945 - the last desperate days of Berlin

He gives detailed descriptions of house to house fighting in the Spandau sector of Berlin, the battle for the Olympic Stadium, the sacrifice of Hitler Youths, fighting in the city's subway tunnels and the disastrous attempt at a breakout to the west, culminating in his final capture.

This is an account of war at its most basic and brutal level, of the collapse of everything familiar and the hopelessness of imminent defeat.

Probably one of the best eye witness acounts of the last days of the Battle for Berlin.



The Reich Chancellery and Fuhrerbunker Complex: An Illustrated History of the Seat of the Nazi Regime

A fascinating book for anyone interested in the lost architecture of Nazi Berlin. This book is a virtual tour of the now demolished Chancellery and Fuhrerbunker.


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