The Wall - The Peoples Story.

Christopher Hilton, a journalist and writer, has been captivated by Berlin's unique past for three decades, visiting it many times and conducting hundreds of interviews there since the Wall came down. Leading world politicians, the American military, the British military, East German border guards and ordinary people on noth side all feature here, their memories interwoven into the narrative.

A fascinating book and in my opinion the best one about the human experience of the Wall.


The Lost Border

 An astonishing and powerful visual record of that transformation, published on the fifteenth anniversary of the wall's collapse. Acclaimed photographer Brian Rose began shooting the borderlands between East and West -- from the Baltic Sea down to the Adriatic -- in the early 1980s, while the Cold War was still hot, and has been taking pictures of this eerie terrain ever since. The Lost Border documents the gradual disintegration of the Berlin Wall and the busy reclamation of what was -- and sometimes still remains -- a scarred and brutalized landscape.

One of my favourite photo books of both the Berlin Wall and the Border between East and West.


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