Berlin Intelligence Map from 1944.

Published specially by After the Battle to coincide with the suspension of Allied occupation rights in Berlin in October 1990, this map was produced in 1944 by the War Office and lists the location and use of all important buildings in Berlin to be used in the occupation of the city. Every building associated with the Reich Government, NSDAP, police, fire service, Reichsbahn, U-Bahn, hospitals, telephone exchanges, embassies, prisons, etc., is numbered and referenced to an index printed on the reverse of the map. This sheet covers the central area at 1:12500.

A fascinating view of the city of the 1930s and 40s.


Rough Guide Map of Berlin.

Nowhere in Berlin is more than a stone's throw from a bar or coffee-house. Whether you're after 'kaffee und kuchen' or something a little stronger, the Rough Guide Map will point you in the right direction. There's full coverage of the beautiful parks, lakes and canals on the city's outskirts and, if you stay out late, you'll still be able to find your way back to your hotel as, like every map in the series, the Berlin map is designed to be clearly legible under streetlights.

One of the best maps of Berlin with wider coverage than just the city centre.


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